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Longevity by Uplift

April 9 · Issue #28 · View online

Think a long life has to come with losing your mind or your body?
Think again! Tips for how to live a long, healthy and balanced life on your own terms. 💪

Hey there! 🌱
We’ve compiled a list of articles that got our attention & inspired us to share them with you. This month is a collection of health articles and some other new and cool ideas that we found interesting.
In this newsletter:
  • find out how it’s possible to learn 30 languages!
  • discover what it means to be in a flow state and how it could be the key to your productivity.
  • get inspired to develop some new habits.
We hope you find at least one article that inspires you and motivates you to try something different in your life.

Brain Health
How to Learn 30 Languages
Discovering the Brain’s Nightly “Rinse Cycle”
Why flow states are the key to peak productive performance
Mindfulness Health
10 Small Habits That Have A Huge Return On Life
New & Interesting Stuff
Researchers Find a Way to 3D Print Whole Objects in Seconds
Lyme disease bacteria eradicated by new drug in early tests
Firefox is showing the way back to a world that’s private by default
Some Good News
Our lives have changed a lot over the past month and we know it can get overwhelming, but John Krasinski has offered us a glimpse into some really heart warming & good things that have happened while we’ve been social distancing in his self created videos, Some Good News. So far, there are two episodes and if you’re in need of some Uplifting inspiration, they’re both worth watching. Enjoy!
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