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Lessons in Creativity 🎨


Longevity by Uplift

January 15 · Issue #26 · View online

Think a long life has to come with losing your mind or your body?
Think again! Tips for how to live a long, healthy and balanced life on your own terms. 💪

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We’ve compiled a list of articles that got our attention & inspired us to share them with you.
This month:
  • explore the importance of creativity and fulfillment in the workplace.
  • find inspiration to be less busy.
  • rediscover that long forgotten hobby that you absolutely love.
  • learn to use ‘small talk’ as a path to more engaging & meaningful conversation.
We hope you find at least one article that inspires you and motivates you to do something different this season.

Career Health
Your Employees Have All the Creativity You Need. Let Them Prove It.
Stop Trying to Make Your Employees Happy. Start Thinking About Their Fulfillment Instead.
Lessons From 24 Years of Operating: Bowl America, Inc.
A Noble Purpose Alone Won’t Transform Your Company
An Interview with Brunello Cucinelli
Personal Health
Productivity Shame: How To Stop Feeling Like You Haven't Done 'Enough'
How Intuitive Eating Can Help You Make Peace With Food
How to Have a True Hobby, Not a Side Hustle
Ultrasound Destroys 80 Percent of Prostate Cancers in One Year Study
Eat This Much, your personal diet assistant
Relationship Health
The 2-Word Trick That Makes Small Talk Interesting
Some Extra Fun
Did you know that more people have been to the moon than to the depths of our Earth’s very own oceans? Find out more interesting facts about life in the ocean as you scroll through the deep sea here.
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