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Live Longer and Look Younger Doing It


Longevity by Uplift

October 31 · Issue #19 · View online

Think a long life has to come with losing your mind or your body?
Think again! Tips for how to live a long, healthy and balanced life on your own terms. 💪

Happy Fall! 🍂
Our October newsletter is packed with some goodies and simple activities to help you keep your mind alive and active all while slowing down and grounding into the autumn season.
This month:
- we’re breathing our way to a stress-less life.
- we recommend more hugs! ♥️
- we’ve got the inside scoop on learning faster & remembering better by
literally making your brain grow and learning how to sleep better.
Do you ever fantasize about staying young forever? Sometimes imagining yourself growing old is scary, like a spiral down a well of health problems. And wrinkles, too?! No. way. Lucky for you, we’re revealing an incredible anti-aging game changer. 🙌
So grab a blanket, a warm cup of tea and dive in!

Making Your Way Back in Time: The Absolute BEST Anti-aging Herb on the Planet
Relieve Stress
Can You Reduce Anxiety and Stress by the Way You Breathe?
In Praise of Mediocrity
Physical Contact May Be Good for Your Health
Brain Power
Eat More Mushrooms for a Healthier Brain
9 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Brain's Growth Hormone
Good Sleep, Good Learning, Good Life
Exercise Really Can Boost Your Memory, Study Finds
Move Your Body
Preventing Muscle Loss as We Age
What We're Doing This Month
Duolingo! Spanish, French, Romanian, Japanese. They’ve got dozens of languages to choose from and it’s fun, too. Start today and let us know which language you’re learning. How long can you keep your streak going?
The Brain Benefits of Learning a Second Language
That's All!
How was it? Let us know how we’re doing as we embark on our new plan!
We’d love to connect. Reply and tell us what you plan on doing or changing as a result of what we shared. Do you have suggestions?! Please, help us improve! We’d love to hear what it is you’re looking for and what you’re interested in knowing more about! You can also directly email us here:
* More updates coming soon, as we keep striving to improve our Company Newsletter. Our goal is to connect & engage more with our audience and offer more suggestions, both business & personal, through our own life experiences & experiments. Stay tuned.
Until next time! Thanks for sticking around. ☺️
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