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The One with Net Neutrality

Here’s your monthly dose of what’s new and interesting. A few different reads that have made an impac

Longevity by Uplift

December 8 · Issue #11 · View online
Think a long life has to come with losing your mind or your body? Think again! Tips for how to live a long, healthy and balanced life on your own terms. 💪

Here’s your monthly dose of what’s new and interesting. A few different reads that have made an impact on our minds. As always, we’ve compiled a list on a variety of topics. Take a few minutes to read (or skim), ponder, & enjoy!

Over nearly 80 years, Harvard Study has Been Showing How to Live a Healthy and Happy Life
Scientists Reverse Brain Damage in Drowned U.S Toddler Eden Carlson
Sugar Industry Withheld Possible Evidence of Cancer Link 50 Years Ago
Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web
FCC Unveils Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules
Half the universe’s missing matter has just been finally found
Orcas vs great white sharks: in a battle of the apex predators who wins?
$200 Solar Self-sufficiency — Without Your Landlord Noticing!
Two Days in an Underwater Cave Running Out of Oxygen
Learn Romanian! | Time to Learn Foreign Languages as an English Speaker
A Growing Number of Young Americans are Leaving Desk Jobs to Farm
Meet the Man Who Has Lived Alone on This Island for 28 Years
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