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The One with the Equifax Hack

Here’s your monthly dose of what’s new and interesting. A few different reads that have made an impac

Longevity by Uplift

September 28 · Issue #9 · View online
Think a long life has to come with losing your mind or your body? Think again! Tips for how to live a long, healthy and balanced life on your own terms. 💪

Here’s your monthly dose of what’s new and interesting. A few different reads that have made an impact on our minds. As always, we’ve compiled a list on a variety of topics. Take a few minutes to read (or skim), ponder, & enjoy!

Because it's Very Relevant
The Equifax Hack and How to Protect Your Family — All Explained in 5 Minutes
Comparison of Vue.js with React
Lambda Academy of Computer Science
12 cool things you can do with GitHub
JavaScript Monads Made Simple
I’m An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I’m Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity!
Mind Health, Body Health
Intermittent Fasting: A Free Fitness Tactic That You Can Implement Tomorrow
Forget All the Other Reasons You Should Be Riding a Bike. This is the One That Matters
Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime
5 Mental Biases That Cause Poor Decisions
Teaching & Influencing
Storytelling is Still the Most Effective Way to Teach and Coach. Here’s Why:
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