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Time for Recess ⚽


Longevity by Uplift

October 29 · Issue #24 · View online

Think a long life has to come with losing your mind or your body?
Think again! Tips for how to live a long, healthy and balanced life on your own terms. 💪

Hey there! 🍂
We’ve compiled a list of articles that got our attention & inspired us to share them with you.
In this edition:
  • find the motivation to throw away all your to-do lists.
  • discover how to encourage change by choosing how you give feedback.
  • give yourself permission to have more adult recess.
  • explore relaxation through your breath.
We hope you find at least one article that motivates you to do something different this month.

Career Health
How to Increase Productivity 10x by Deleting Your To-Do List
Young People Are Going to Save Us All From Office Life
7 Ways of Giving Feedback that Encourage Change
Personal Health
Recess for Adults: Why Grownups Need Playtime, too
Why Do Some People Love Reading?
How I Finally Learned to Sleep
The Key to Bliss for a Dual-Career Couple? A Contract
Why Walking After Eating Might be the Best Time to Get Those 10,000 Steps
Longer Exhalations are an Easy Way to Hack Your Vagus Nerve
Environment Health
Cricket Powder, Edible Insect Start-ups Spark Love for Bugs
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